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Individual Membership

Membership in The Wings Club Foundation offers the opportunity to associate with leading industry professionals and aviation enthusiasts. Members are invited to Monthly Luncheons, Sight Lectures, The Annual Awards Gala and regularly hosted aviation related social events. Members also have access to The Wings Club Foundation Roster and quarterly newsletters.

Once you become a member, you will be able to receive special reciprocal guest privileges with other private clubs across the country and around the world. You will also be eligible for exclusive discounts on food and beverages at select establishments in New York City. 

Full Membership
Initiation Fees - $200
Annual Dues - $450 
Reinstatement Fee - $100

Junior I (Up to Age 30)
Initiation Fees - $50
Annual Dues - $100
Reinstatement Fee - $50

Junior II (Ages 31-35)
Initiation Fees - $100
Annual Dues - $200 
Reinstatement Fee - $75

Annual Dues - $100 
(Those on extended active duty in the Armed Forces and Civil Aviation Officials of Federal, State or Local Governments.)

Initiation Fees - $50
Annual Dues - $100 
Reinstatement Fee - $50 
(Those who have retired from active business or professional life and have reached the age of 60.)

Student Membership 

The Wings Club Foundation invites students pursuing a career in aviation to join the host of industry professionals and enthusiasts who are today's exclusive members. As part of the Foundation's bylaws, the Student Membership Program was created to encourage aviation students transitioning into industry careers. Students interested in a Wings Club Foundation membership must be 18 years of age or older and attend an accredited college or graduate school full-time. Additional requirements include one faculty recommendation and an annual fee of $25.

Student Membership
Annual Dues - $25 

An application for membership to The Wings Club Foundation can be obtained by filling out the Membership Application Form or by contacting the Foundation's Administrator.

Members meeting the qualifications for change in classification may request such change in writing to The Wings Club Foundation. Reclassification will be recognized by the membership committee and effective the following fiscal year. The initiation fee will be waived completely for children of Members in good standing.