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Achievement Awards

Each October, at the Annual Awards Gala, The Wings Club Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award is presented "For outstanding accomplishments in the field of aviation and astronautics."

Distinguished Achievement Award Recipients

2019 Tom Enders
2018  Willie Walsh
2017  Gary C. Kelly
2016  W. James Mc Nerney, Jr.
2015  John Leahy
2014  Dave Barger
2013  Jim Albaugh
2012  General John R. "Jack" Dailey (USMC Ret.)
2011  Norman R. Augustine
2010  T. Allan McArtor

2009  Wolfgang Mayrhuber
2008  Steven F. Udvar-Hazy
2007  Mauricio Botelho
2006  Al Ueltschi
2005  Sir Richard Branson
2004  Gordon Bethune
2003  Brigadier General Charles "Chuck" E. Yeager
2002  Sir Ralph Robins
2001  Harry Stonecipher
2000  Jean Pierson

1999  John H. Glenn, Jr.
1998  Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge
1997  U.S. Air Force
1996  Herbert D. Kelleher
1995  Cessna Citation Special Olympics Airlift
          Corporate Angel Network
          ORBIS International 
          Wings of Hope
1994  Robert L. Crandall
1993  Frederick W. Smith and the 95,000 Employees of Federal Express Corp.
1992  Aviation Test Pilots: 
          Roland P. “Bee” Beamont
          John J. Casey, A. Scott Crossfield
          A. M. “Tex” Johnston
          Anthony W. “Tony” Levier
          Harry P. Schmidt
          Clifford L. “Cliff” Stout

1991  George H. W. Bush
1990  Armin O. Baltensweiler

1989  Thomas H. Davis
1988  The Flight Safety Foundation
1987  Pioneer Trans-Atlantic European Passenger Carriers
1986  T.A. Wilson
1985  The National Air & Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution
1984  James M. Beggs
1983  John C. Bierwirth 
          Thomas V. Jones
          David S. Lewis, Jr
          Sanford N. McDonnell

1982  Senator Barry M. Goldwater
1981  Olive Ann Beech 
          Harry B. Combs 
          Leroy R. Grumman
          William T. Piper, Jr.
          Dwane L. Wallace

1980  Sir Frank Whittle 
          Dr. Hans von Ohain
          Sir Stanley G. Hooker
          Jack S. Parker
          Arthur E. Smith

1979  William M. Allen
          Donald W. Douglas
          Sr., Hall L. Hibbard

1978  William A. Patterson
          Robert F. Six
          Cyrus R. Smith
          Juan T. Trippe

1977  Laurance S. Rockefeller
1976  Neil A. Armstrong
1975  General James H. Doolittle

Outstanding Aviator Award Recipients

Each March, at the Annual Meeting, the Wings Club Foundation in cooperation with IAWA presents the Outstanding Aviator Award "to recognize airmen and air women for their contributions to aviation/or security and serve as leadership role models."

2019 Brigadier General Jeannie M. Leavitt
2018  Major General Patrick Henry Brady (US Army Ret.)
2017  Heather Penney
2016  Col. Edward T. Rock (USAF Ret.)
2015  Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann
2014  Robert A. "Bob" Hoover
2013  Patty Wagstaff
2012  Doolittle Raiders
2011  Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP
2010  Tuskegee Airmen